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All our spa & beauty therapists are educated from Zebic who graduated as the Master of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Zagreb and her name has been known in the world of
cosmetics since 1977. In addition to keeping a beauty salon, Seka Zebić has enriched the production of of innovative cosmetic products, devising treatments and practical education for manygenerations of beauticiand and dermatologists. Her whole work is focused on natural solutions, the research and application of natural substances and methods that help to preserve the vitality and beauty.

Spa brand THÉMAÉ Paris

THÉMAÉ, an exclusive range of treatments that exalts the wonders of tea in all its forms. All ourTHÉMAÉ massages and rituals are undertaken with as much care as the Theishu –Japanese Tea Master- dedicates to the preparation of his special potions. It is our aim to bring warmth and
softness to every treatment in the style of the celebrated Kerala masseurs who have given gentle and effective massages for generations.

Diego Dalla Palma Professional

Brand was created to give every woman the pinnacle of authentic beauty, made of pure energy and
vitality. Cosmetologists and researchers have created a bio-revitalizing programme that restores cellular well-being and harmony. Targeted treatments and patented active ingredients aim at
restoring well-being for a long-lasting beauty.

Beauty brand Malu Wilz

Get to know the MALU WILZ Beauté products and find the best skin care program for a beautiful and
healthy complexion. From products with highly-effective hyaluronic acid, which deeply moisturize the skin, to regeneration cream and an elixir with particles of pure gold – you can find the perfect
match for your needs.

Spa brand BCL

BCL Spa was the first brand to offer a complete manicure and pedicure system with Certified Organic ingredients. Today, BCL Spa continues to lead the spa category with over 120 products and multiple product awards. They are the maker of the #1 selling sugar scrub in the industry, and the first in the industry to introduce a wax-free gel lotion and innovative rice scrub.