• One day, when I was a child and my mother was preparing and serving lunch for us, inside me, I felt one thing… She was transmitting love & emotions. It’s been a long time since that day. A lot of road has been covered, so many situations have been lived, but I never forgot how much my mother gave me passion for food, respect for the ingredients, happiness in preparing food, making people happy. Today in the kitchen with my half closed eyes
    I can see her telling me one thing: Stefano, do not forget to spread Love & Passion!

    This is what we want to convey to all of you too.

Cornerstones of our Restuarant

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  • Bar & Cigar Lounge

    Have an Italian espresso, eat a divine cake, drink an 18-year-old scotch, taste a selection of rums, light a cigar in a closed area, have a glass of your preferred vine, drink a craft beer, or choose from our various sandwich offer. All of this and much more is available in our D lounge & Cigar bar situated in what was once a vault, and is today one of the warmest bars you have ever been to.

    From wooden floors, through hand refurbished wood furniture, to a bar made of amber, wood and marble, you can feel the warmth of this true hedonist paradise every time you enter our bar.


  • Desserts by Our Pastry Chef Sanja

    Our accomplished team of pastry chefs will create beautiful cakes for your best celebration moments, whether it is the biggest party you have ever thrown or an intimate celebration for two. Choose from our collection of cakes, macarons, sweet creams and biscuits. Find our take-away and in-house selection of cakes here.

Cakes for order

  • Kolači / Pastry

    Tortica sa šljivama27,-
    Plum tarte
    Tortica s nektarinama27,-
    Peach tarte
    Kocka Mascarpone čokolada27,-
    Mascarpone chocolate brownie
    Almond soft biscuit with nougat cream
    Tortica od Jabuke27,-
    Apple tarte
    Mousse od borovnice27,-
    Blueberry mousse & dark chocolate biscuit
    Pavlova tortica od šumskog voća28,-
    Pavlova cake with wild berry
    Macaron - 1 kom - (minimalna narudžba 3 kom.)9,-
    Macron - 1 pcs
    Ručno rađene praline raznih okusa (100,-g)40,-
    Homemade pralines, various flavours (100,-g)

    Navedene cijene su za konzumaciju kolača u prostoru Le Premier terase i D lounge  bara Hotela.  Cijena za van će biti uvećana 2,00 kn po naručenom kolaču, osim za Trio voćnih tortica i Čokoladni duo koji se ne uvećavaju po kolaču već za cijeli paket se računa dodatak od 2,00 kn.

    Noted prices are for sweets served at our Le Premier terrace and at D Lounge Bar.  Supplement charge for takeaway sweets is 2,00 Kn per cake.

  • Torte / Cakes

    Voćna torta
    Fruit cake

    Čokoladna torta
    Chocolate cake

    Bezglutenska torta (Vanilija / Čokolada / Voćna)
    Gluten free cake (Vanilla / Chocolate / Fruit)

    Cijena / Price

    – za 6 osoba – 18 cm-cca                   199,- HRK
    – for 6 persons – 18 cm-cca

    – za 12 osoba, 22 cm-cca                  369,- HRK
    – for 12 persons 22 cm-cca

    Narudžba najkasnije 3 dana ranije.
    Order at least 3 days in advance.

    Dekoracije na tortama po dogovoru.
    Decorations available on request.

  • Narudžba / Order

    +385 1 44 00887

    Check for news and special event invitations.