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Our unique hotel awaits you right on Zagreb’s town center. It is housed in a 20th-century palace which was transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel with sixty rooms and a penthouse presidential apartment. Its elegant exterior conceals a regal interior architecture with modern rooms that boast high ceilings and large windows.







Slide COZY AND CLASSY Rooms Queen Room LePremier 25 sqm Superior single room Superior single rooms are a perfect starting point for all travelers. Equipped with comfortable Queen size beds provide tranquility and good rest after another busy day. 6 / 1 LEARN MORE Slide COZY AND CLASSY Rooms 25 sqm Superior Double or Twin room The Superior rooms are spacious rooms that are furnished with comfortable double or twin beds making them a perfect place to retreat after an adventurous day in Croatian capital. 6 / 2 LEARN MORE Slide COZY AND CLASSY Rooms 35 sqm Deluxe Double or Twin room More space and beautiful views of the city you can find in our Deluxe rooms with approximate size of 35 sqm. These comfortable rooms ensure an elevated sense of comfort throughout your stay. Deluxe rooms are ideal choice for small families and all travelers who appreciate extra comfort. 6 / 3 LEARN MORE Slide COZY AND CLASSY Rooms 39 sqm Superior suite This peaceful suite overlooking inner courtyard promises to their guests a high level of relaxation. Suite consists of a private sleeping area and a foyer with a charming seating area perfect for book reading or smaller meetings. 6 / 4 LEARN MORE Slide COZY AND CLASSY Rooms 60 sqm Deluxe suite Feel at home in the 60 sqm suite, with a beautiful view of the Mestrovic pavilion and the entire square from this majestic suite. With its high ceilings and large windows facing east and south of the city, it will make you a part of Zagreb’s old town aristocratic ambience. 6 / 5 LEARN MORE Slide COZY AND CLASSY Rooms 220 sqm Penthouse Presidential suite Enter the luxurious penthouse Presidential suite and marvel its timeless interior. Through the anteroom into the spacious living room, you will find the majestic seating area and the dining table while falling in love with many charming details. 6 / 6 LEARN MORE


We are happy to see our terrace opend today.
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Anyone for apple tart?
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Dragi pratitelji i svi koji ćete to tek postati,
organiziramo darivanje večere za dvije osobe za Van povodom Valentinova  I na taj nacin mi Vama istu osiguravamo u toplini vašeg doma.

😁Sve niže navedene pakete cete moci naručiti putem Wolt i Bolt aplikacije.😋
Poklon večera za dvije osobe uključuje izbor jednog paketa od 4 niže navedena :
Valentinovo Viterbo
Pennette u umaku Amatriciana Le Premier -
- Pennette, umak rajčica,luk, extra dj.masl.ulje, panceta, parmezan i stracciatella di bufala
Rigatoni na vrtlarski način -
- Rigatoni,umak rajčica,sv.bosiljak,mješano sezonsko povrće,extra dj.masl.ulje,parmezan.
+ Nougat i Tart od jabuke
+ butelja vina Grillo Chardonay 0,75 l
Cijena 249,- HRK 

Valentinovo Lazio
Spaghetti alla Carbonara s piletinom Julienne -
- Spaghetti, žumanjak, vrhnje, parmezan, extra dj.masl.ulje,pileća prsa
Domaći gnocchi od krumpira, pesto od rikole i mozzarella s hrskavim Istarskim pršutom -
- domaći njoki od krumpira, pesto s pinjolima, rikolom, češnjakom, orasima, parmezanom i maslinovim uljem, istarski pršut
+ Nougat i Tart od jabuke
+ butelja vina Grillo Chardonay 0,75 l
Cijena 269,- HRK

Valentinovo u našem kraju
Teleći kare, rošti od krumpira i povrće uz umak od smokve
Pileći jambonette, punjen s sezonskim. Povrće u umaku od curry-a i meda -
- odkošteni pileći zabatak, pileći mousse, povrče,krema od krumpira.
+ Nougat i Tart od jabuke
+ butelja vina Grillo Chardonay 0,75 l
Cijena 319,- HRK

 Valentinovo na moru
Hobotnica s rajčicama i mozzarellom -
- sporo kuhana jadranska hobotnica na confitu od Datterino rajčica i mozzarelle fiordilatte uz pesto genovese
Loch Fyne losos, mousse od krumpira,povrće,extra djevičansko maslinovo ulje s mandarinom
+ Nougat i Tart od jabuke
+ butelja vina Grillo Chardonay 0,75 l
Cijena 339,- HRK 

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- nagradu može osvojiti bilo tko stariji od 18 godina s podrucja Zagreba.
Darivanje traje od danas 08.02. do 11.02.2021 Do 14h. Tijekom popodnevnih sati 11.02.21.objaviti cemo dobitnicu/dobitnika.

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Which to choose? 🤔
Beetroot risotto with black tiger prawns dumplings and crispy fennel 😋
Sea bass with pumpkin mousse, leek cream and crispy julienne potatoes 😋
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Our royal exterior dating from 1923., designed by famous architect Lav Kalda has newer looked more dazzling and appealing. 🏙️
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The cornerstone of Le Premier hotel is placed in our restaurant where gastronomic excellence is built on a respect for the food, passion for ingredients and joy of preparing the food that will eventually make our guests happy and pleased.



Have an Italian espresso, eat a divine cake, drink an 18-year-old scotch, taste a selection of rums, light a cigar in a closed area, have a glass of your preferred vine, drink a craft beer, or choose from our various sandwich offer.



The largest number of cultural and other institutions is located in the center of the city, on a relatively small area where everything is within walking distance. Here you can find vibrant food markets, everyday cafe culture, lush greenery and numerous street festivals.

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